Anthon Bosch

Anthon Bosch is a snowboarder and influencer who was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1996. He is a second-generation South African and grew up in Gothenburg. From the age of six, Anthon has been involved in all forms of board sports, including wave surfing in South Africa and skateboarding in and around Sweden. However, snowboarding became the biggest passion of his life when he first discovered it at the age of nine.

Anthon's dedication to snowboarding paid off when he was accepted into Norges Toppidretts-gymnas (NTG), one of Europe's most prestigious colleges for elite sports. He graduated from NTG in 2015 and now competes full-time in World Cup events and the World Snowboard Tour.

Aside from his snowboarding career, Anthon is deeply inspired by the legacy of his late grandfather, Joseph Edward Bosch (Eddie), who was a political activist forced to live in exile in Sweden. Eddie's brother, Jonie Bosch, was a freedom fighter in the Western Cape who was imprisoned and tortured under the apartheid security forces. He died as a result of this just a few years before Eddie could return to his beloved South Africa, having been exiled for 34 years. Anthon draws strength and inspiration from his grandfather's struggle against apartheid.

Anthon is known for his great sense of humor and for creating cool and funny content that can be a bit crazy. He is a talented influencer who has built a strong following online. Despite his success, Anthon remains focused on achieving his dreams and making his grandfather proud. He believes that having a plan and a sense of purpose are crucial for achieving success, and he is determined to one day win an Olympic medal for his nation.